KEGANI MOTORSPORTS believes in bringing our customers continuous development of engine performance and delivering proven engine upgrades formula into the heart of your vehicle. Our indepth technical knowledge empowers us to just simply work with any makes and model.

We work exclusively with our suppliers to bring customers the best product in the market, tested and proven their quality and assuring competitive price to maximize the return of every Ringgit that our customers spent.

KEGANI MOTORSPORTS provides race engine supplies, race cars build up, restore, maintenance, race team management and also driver training.

With many years of experience in race circuit, we gained valuable information and costly research and development upon build numerous race engines and testing them under enduring test, each under the maximum stress. The experience we gain can simply be transferred into any other engines or vehicle, giving us great confidence to move forward.


Winning the international endurance race, Merdeka Millenium Endurance 2007 and Sepang 1000km race 2010, our mission to build race car, engines, setting up car and suspension, tuning, race the machine and ultimately, winning the race is simply accomplished. We have gained the best formula in building a reliable and competitive race engine that simply can be formulated for your needs, be it street performance or circuit racing.

KEGANI MOTORSPORTS Race Team Management was established in 2008 targeted to provide race team with competitive advantage on pit-works. Our crews all well trained and driven by 3 key principles, that is SAFETY, ACCURACY and SPEED. As such, our crews prioritize SAFETY for drivers as well as themselves, assuring pit-works is performed ACCURATELY and all done within optimum SPEED.

We carry brands like TODA Racing, WESLEE Racing, HKS, APEXi, BLITZ, TM WORKS, TEIN, and many more! We recommend the best products to suit your needs.

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Kenny LEE, is champion racer, advance driving instructor, race engine builder, tuner race team manager and engineers who work on the racing program since 2004, has become more cognizant of the effects of technological thinking, then apply that thinking to the production vehicles that reach the streets. Graduated from Thames Valley University of UK, Bachelor of Science in Information System, makes him more adaptable to the contemporary computer managed vehicles.

His beliefs in 'teaching makes ones learn more', has driven him to train younger and older drivers to understand deeper into the art of car handling and eventually pushing a car to the limit. Whether you have interest in racing or not, Kenny Lee sees circuit racing is just the best place for you to start and continuously improve your driving skills by comparing with the competitors, and to be the best, is to win and to have the respect from other competitors.

Started back in 1998, Kenny was exposed to the challenging Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit, BTSC, Shah Alam and started tracking and learning each skill all by himself. Within extremely low budget to spend as a college student, gaining each second of lap time with limited car modification eventually makes ones a driver better. In MME2003, Kenny made his debut, racing with stock engine and low cost prepared race car and turn out winning 6th place in class. It was a good start for his racing courier and he continues racing thereafter. It was 2006 where Kenny started climbing up and competing with front runners, including factory race team. MME2006 that starts at midnight has seen Kenny's best performance in his 4th years of racing, qualified 6th in class and Kenny who started the race climb up to the top spot, leading the race for the very first time. In MME2007, it was the first time for TOYOTA to grabbed Pole Position in class.


Kenny starts the race and has led the race from start to the end, setting the fastest race time of 2min 35secs, completed 259laps through the enduring 12hours race. In 2009, Sepang1000km race, Kenny qualified 2nd in class but took the race lead in his first stint. The car was running strong until the last hour where the car suffered mechanical failure, a broken timing tensioner. However, the team stood strong and came back in Sepang1000km race 2010 to clinch the titles of Class and Overall Champion. It was not only that, S1K 2010 win marks the 1st win of a TOYOTA makes vehicle in Sepang Circuit ever since it starts operating. For Kenny, racing his TOYOTA was taken as a challenge as it was seen as poor potential car that is impossible to win races by many others over the years. It was certainly a dream comes true with a great rewarding confidence for one that build the race car, engine, setting and tuning the car to its perfection over the years and eventually racing it to the chequered flag for the win.

Kenny was also chosen to race TOYOTA team Wing Hin Motorsports in the Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race 2009 and 2010. He has set the best time in both race meetings. With more than 10 years of racing experience and over 1,000 laps of Sepang, he is now aiming to train young talents, building and managing new race teams and help promotes local motorsports.



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