Our Tuning Philosophy


Car and engine modification must be driven by the purpose and where the car targeted to perform, be it for street performance, or drag strip, drifting, circuit racing. As such, it benefits car owner with cost-effective modification and can be staged according to budget.


Ultimately, budget is the most important criteria for consumer expense. Spending beyond your budget will increase financial burden and may turn off the exhilaration of motorsports. Always spend within your allocated budget and it will help you to prioritize the importance and the needs of the tuning parts or services that you should be benefitted with, and you can continue to enjoy the progression as your budget revived.

Be wise when you spend, balance out between reliable parts and cheap parts. Genuine parts have better quality control and producer spent valuable amount of hours for R&D to assure product works well and last.

Regardless on racing circuit or on the street, Kegani does not believe high spending for performance and long lasting engine. Through out the years, we have been assisting several race teams to compete in level playing field with highest cost saving.

Working closely with our products principal such as Adaptronic(Aus) TM WORKS(Japan), WESLEE Racing(USA) just to name a few, Kegani brings racing technology to the street car, we make sure the car we maintain are so strong, durable and powerful that they're fit for racing performance and yet fuel efficient for everyday use vehicles.


Our interests to compete in circuit racing demanding our best effort to create powerful and reliable machines, to have perfectionist mind to continuously improve our skills and knowledge, strong determination, integrity and teamwork from each staffs to deliver the best machine to win races. And we would bring such spirit to achieve greater customer satisfaction.